We are looking forward to an excellent 2020/2021 school year! We have worked diligently to prepare for the upcoming school year and are excited to welcome students back to our building for in-person instruction. Our school mission of being committed to a tradition of faith development, educational excellence, and service to God and community has never been more important. The Gospel and mission of the Church is about gathering and unifying. So, in this time of pandemic, Catholic schools must work diligently to balance the need for prudent, safe practices and the need for students to encounter the saving, healing and nurturing power of Jesus in Christ-centered relationships, prayer and the Sacraments and relationships rooted in the love of God and neighbor.

School Drop-Off/Pick-Up

What time will student drop-off begin?

Student drop-off will begin at 7:40 am

What is the start and end time of the school day?

School will continue to start at 7:50 am and end at 3:15 pm.

What are the morning student drop-off procedures?

• Parent pulls up to the front of the school
• Children will need to have masks on before exiting the vehicle
• Children should then step out of the vehicle while parent waits
• Our staff will then take the temperature of all children – if their temperature is below 100 degrees the parent/driver may go and students will enter school, sanitize hands, and proceed to their classrooms.
• If a child has a temperature of 100 degrees or more, the parent has the option of pulling around to the west lot where a secondary temperature will be taken by the school nurse. If the temperature is still 100 degrees the parent/driver must take the child home and instructions will be given by our school nurse.

What are the end of the day pick-up procedures?

• At the end of the day, parents who live South of the school should pick-up at the South entrance closest to the cemetery. All other parents pick up at the main entrance. See map below for reference.
• All parents should pull up in the appropriate pickup line, and remain in the vehicle.
• Staff members on duty will use walkie-talkies to communicate with the classroom teachers. Teachers will then excuse the child(ren) for dismissal. Please specify with the teacher on duty if you are picking up additional children.
• Children will be directed to their vehicle once outside.
• This will continue until all students are picked-up

Safety Protocols During School Day

Are parents allowed to walk their children into school?

Unfortunately, not this year. We will have staff ready to greet your children and will gladly escort them in if needed.

Will temperatures be taken daily?

Yes, all students and adults in the school building will have their temperatures taken before entering the school building on a daily basis. If a student or staff member has a temperature of 100 degrees they will be sent home for the day and Mrs. Hiteshew will assist them with next steps.

Will social distancing be utilized?

Yes, social distancing will be utilized as much as possible in classrooms, hallways, and public settings. Our local health department has been directly advising us as we arrange the school in preparation for our school year.

Will students have the opportunity to wash their hands?

The state of Kansas mandates that students use hand sanitizer or wash hands a minimum of once per hour.

Will there be extra all school sanitizing measures?

Yes, we have hired a new professional cleaning service to sanitize the building at the end of each day. We will also have enhanced cleaning procedures throughout the school day.

Will parents be allowed to visit the school during the school day?

You will have access to our school office and obviously will be able to pick-up your child if needed. We ask that you help us keep building access beyond the office to a minimum.

Are parents allowed to send in birthday treats or class birthday items this year?

Unfortunately, due to current protocols, the answer is no. This year, we are asking that parents not send birthday snacks or items for their child’s birthday or half-birthday. Instead, the school will give our students a small gift from us on their birthday and also announce their name over the intercom in the morning.

Safety Protocols After School Day

Will there be after school care?

Due to new limitations this year, space in after care will be limited. We are not offering drop-in care at this time. After care will end at 5:30 pm. Outside groups will not be allowed access to the school building until after 5:30 pm.


Will masks be worn at school?

Yes, after reviewing the Governor’s order and numerous discussions with the archdiocesan school office and local health officials, we have been instructed to wear masks while at school. Currently this will be for all adults and for children ages three and older.

All masks must be non-distracting and like our uniform, a muted solid color of green, blue, gray, black, or brown. Masks must be a minimum of two layers. They will be worn all day in the classroom and will be able to be removed when eating, properly distanced, or at designated times or in designated areas of the school.

Will preschool students be required to wear masks?

Because they are members of our elementary school, the answer from our health department is yes, they need to wear masks. We will plan plenty of mask breaks and are happy that all of our preschool students will experience the benefits of building peer relationships, while also learning new skills.

Will there be mask breaks?

Absolutely! We know this will be a transition and we will work with your children to adjust.

Will students wear masks at recess?

No, this is an approved time for students to be out of their masks and enjoy the great outdoors!


How do we enroll and pay fees?

An email was sent to all families explaining enrollment procedures. Please contact Mrs. Wranosky in the school office with questions at or at 913-533-2462.


Where will student lunch be eaten? Will guests be allowed to join students for lunch?

Lunch will currently be eaten in the classroom or in another designated lunch area. We are following the lead of our local health department regarding this matter. A disposable container will be used when ordering through our lunch program. All students bringing a cold lunch can use a lunchbox and throw things away as needed. Parents are asked not to join their child for lunch at this current time.

Will hot lunch be served?

Yes, students will either eat in their classrooms or lunchroom. We will still utilize OPAA lunch services and hot or cold lunch options will be served in a self-contained disposable container. Cost is $4.00.


Will students in middle school change classes?

Although more restricted, our middle school students will change classes at various times throughout the day.

Will the students have recess?

Yes, students will have recess with their grade level classmates.

Will students still have specials?

Yes, specials will be held in the classroom and also in other areas when they meet proper distancing and environment criteria (i.e outdoors, the gymnasium, etc.).

Will we have more recess this year?

Yes! We realize our students have been out of school for some time and will need a break. We will have more time outdoors for recess, instruction, and even sometimes for lunch.

School Nurse

What are symptoms of Covid-19?

As per the CDC the current known symptoms are:

High Risk Symptoms:
• New cough
• Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
• New loss of taste or smell

Moderate Risk Symptoms:
• Fever (100.0 or greater)
• Chills
• Fatigue
• Muscle or body aches
• Headache
• New loss of taste or smell
• Sore throat
• Congestion or runny nose
• Nausea or vomiting
• Diarrhea

What is the protocol if a positive case of COVID-19 is identified in school?

The school nurse, who is certified as a contact tracer, will contact the appropriate county health department where the student lives. It is the Health Department that follows all diagnosed cases of COVID-19 and initiates contact tracing. The school nurse will be involved in contact tracing as requested by the Health Department.

Any students who may be considered a “close contact” of the student who tested positive will be notified by their county health department and given quarantine instructions at that time. A decision about whether an entire classroom needs to be quarantined will be made by the county health department after discussions with the school nurse, teacher, and administration.

What is the protocol if a student is suspected of having COVID-19?

If a student has any of the “high risk” symptoms as listed above, parents/guardians must contact their healthcare provider for further instructions. The parent/guardian must contact the school nurse with any test results as well as recommendations by their healthcare provider. A note from the physician will be required in order for that student to return to school if COVID-19 is NOT tested for OR if a COVID-19 test is negative. If the student is at school and develops these symptoms they will immediately be placed into an isolation area and the parent notified to pick up the student within 1 hour of the call. The above procedure will then be followed.

If a student has any of the “moderate risk” symptoms the school nurse will evaluate the student and call the parent/guardian for further information. The student will be placed into the isolation area as a precaution until a parent/guardian is reached. At that time it will be at the discretion of the school nurse as to whether the student needs to be picked up and/or the student’s healthcare provider needs to be notified by the parent/guardian.

*Note – even though a temperature of 100.0 is considered a “moderate risk” for COVID-19 any student with a temperature of 100.0 or higher must remain home. If the student develops a temperature of 100.0 or more while at school, the school nurse will notify the parent/guardian to come and pick up the student and will isolate the student as a precaution until the parent/guardian arrives. At that time the school nurse will discuss with the parent/guardian if the student’s healthcare provider needs to be contacted.

What cleaners are helpful to send in with my child?

We recognize some of you have purchased cleaners already, as you know the CDC and others continue to update schools on the most effective cleaners to use during this time. We have included a link to the EPA website for approved cleaners. We know it can be frustrating if some of the items you purchased can not be used in a school environment. That does not mean you cannot use many of them at home.

What should I do if we travel to a state/area in quarantine before school starts?

You will need to follow instructions from the state and/or local health department before entering the school building. You may also contact the School Nurse for guidance before entering the building.

Nurses Best Practices


Will the students still attend Mass weekly?

Yes, although they will be attending in smaller groups throughout the week.

Distance Learning

Will we offer distance learning?

Yes, we will offer short-term distance learning to students unable to attend school in person due to COVID-19. Also, like last year, we will have a distance learning plan in place if we are instructed to close our school building due to COVID-19. We have added more live instruction, daily one-on-one interaction with an instructor, and online/offline resources for students. Unlike last year, the Kansas State Department of Education will require all students in grades K-8 to be taught all subjects, and complete a 6 hour school day, each day.

Will students follow a schedule if distance learning is needed?

Yes. Students would follow a set class schedule similar to the one followed during a regular in- school day, with a variety of live and recorded lessons. They would also utilize an online curriculum, as well as offline materials. Students in K-8 are required to complete 6 hours of schooling each day.