1. Mission Statement

Advocates for Catholic Education (ACE) is a ministry of Queen of the Holy Rosary-Wea Catholic School.  The mission of ACE is to build a strong sense of community among all families, teachers and staff.  Toward that end, we are committed to gratefully serving and supporting our school, parish and greater community while growing together through hospitality, prayer, formation and service.  Together with the Holy Spirit, ACE is committed to forming Disciples of Christ through a meaningful Catholic education.  Toward that end, ACE will honor and reflect the covenant agreement in our school student/parent handbook.

  1. Membership

Membership is open to all QHR-Wea families, school administration, teachers and staff members.  Annual membership dues are not required.  Members are encouraged to participate in as many activities and events as their family’s schedules allow.  Suggestions and constructive feedback geared toward helping ACE better achieve its mission are always welcome.

  1. ACE Leadership Team

The ACE Leadership Team ensures that all ACE activities fulfill our ministry’s mission and align with parish and school policies.  The Team’s responsibilities include evaluating modifications or updates to ACE activities, budgets or coordinator positions as needed. The Team consists of:

  • Officers of the Organization: Lead, Co-Lead, Communications Chair, Finance Chair
  • Any current Committee Chairperson(s)
  • Teacher Representative
  • Principal of QHR-Wea Catholic School
  • Pastor of QHR-Wea Catholic Church

The Team serves from June 1st through May 31st.  There is a one-year term for each position.  The only exception to this is the Co-Lead, who shadows the Lead and assumes that role the following year.  Both Lead and Co-Lead positions require the approval of the outgoing Leadership Team which includes the school principal and church pastor.

Former parent Leads or Co-Leads may be resources as needed but are not considered part of the team.

  1. Officer Roles/Descriptions
  • Lead: The function of the Lead is to uphold and guide ACE to work within the framework of its mission statement. The Lead presides over all regular membership and Team Leadership meetings according to the basic rules of parliamentary procedure, coordinates the work and duties of all officers and committees to support their goals, and be an authorized check signer for ACE financial accounts allowing disbursement of funds as approved.
  • Co-Lead: The function of the Co-Lead is to shadow the Lead and prepare for assumption of the Lead position the following school year. In the absence of the Lead, the Co-Lead performs all duties of the Lead’s office and supports ACE events and activities as needed during the school year.
  • Communications Chair: The function of the Communications Chair is to keep the minutes of all regular membership and ACE Leadership Team meetings and to report such information at subsequent meetings or when called upon. The Communications Chair maintains all ACE records (except financial) and performs all other duties pertaining to the office as requested by the Leadership Team.
  • Finance Chair: The function of the Finance Chair is to receive all monies and keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures, to prepare a budget and have it approved by the ACE Leadership Team prior to the school year, to be an authorized check signer for the ACE financial accounts and to make disbursements as authorized by the ACE Leadership Team through the budget approval process. The Finance Chair shall present a statement of account at each ACE Leadership Team meeting and all regular meetings. The Finance Chair also oversees labels collections and competitions.
  1. Committee Roles & Teacher Representative/Descriptions
  • Hospitality and Outreach Committee Chairperson(s): Identify coordinators to welcome/mentor new school families and organize annual events including teacher/staff birthdays, parent-teacher conference and Catholic Schools Week meals, Christmas Fund and Teacher Appreciation Day activities.
  • Service and Spirituality Committee Chairperson(s): Offer voluntary prayer and service opportunities, both in-parish and around the community, focused on the faith enrichment of our Catholic school families.
  • Social and Spirit Committee Chairperson(s): Organize, and identify coordinators for, annual events including Trunk or Treat, Fall Family Sock Hop, Christmas Celebration/Cookies with Santa, Father-Daughter Dance, Grandparents/Family Day activities, etc. as well as oversee the school spirit wear program and coordinate Room Parents for each grade at the beginning of the school year.
  • Teacher Representative: Serve as a liaison between QHR-Wea teachers/staff and the ACE Leadership Team, representing and communicating staff needs and perspective related to ACE functions, events and activities throughout the school year. The Teacher Rep will ensure all meeting minutes are added to the ACE Minutes binder in the school office.
  1. Financial Statement

Most of the monies collected at ACE-organized events will be applied to offset any costs incurred at future ACE-sponsored activities.  Fundraising is not ACE’s primary focus.  The Leadership Team approves the use of excess money to purchase items for the school.  Input, ideas and suggestions from the larger parent-teacher community are always welcome.  All proposals must be reviewed and approved by the principal.

  1. Meetings & Minutes

Regular, all-school meetings will be held twice per year.  Each meeting may include, but is not limited to: prayer, ACE announcements, principal’s report, guest speaker/formation and fellowship.  Leadership Team meetings will be held at the discretion of the Team and will be announced two weeks prior to the larger parent-teacher community.  Meeting minutes will be taken at all regular and Leadership Team meetings.  They will be located in hard copy at the school office for public review.

  1. Parent Volunteer/Invitation Process
  • In January, the ACE Leadership Team reviews all coordinator positions and responsibilities, as well as ACE events and activities, making any needed updates or changes for the upcoming school year.
  • In February, the Lead and Co-Lead contact all current Leadership Team members and coordinators on their status for the upcoming school year.
  • The Lead and Co-Lead extend an invitation to all parents by communicating the available ACE coordinator and/or Team positions and responsibilities through the school newsletter or email by February 20.
  • The ACE Team and coordinators affirm volunteers to step forward for these roles who encompass a strong spirituality, passion for our Catholic school and organization skills.
  • After prayerful consideration, any parents feeling called to serve in this way should contact a member of the ACE Team by March 10.
  • Volunteers are notified of positions after Spring Break.
  • The principal or pastor of QHR-Wea will be consulted as needed.

What is Moms in Prayer:

We welcome all mothers, grandmothers and anyone who believes that prayer is powerful to join us in praying for the students, teachers, and staff at Queen of the Holy Rosary – Wea.  Moms in Prayer follows the school year schedule, meeting Friday mornings for 20 – 30 minutes in the school library at 8:00 am, after drop off.

If you have questions or prayer requests, please email Monica Wanjigi at: Monica.wanjigi@gmail.com

Please join us as often as you can!

Elementary Tuition K – 8 (In Parish: Holy Rosary, Divine Mercy, Immaculate Conception)

1 Child                         $3,942.00/year

2 Children                   $6,506.00/year

3+ Children                 $8480.00/year

Out of Parish               Please contact us for more information


Pre-School (3-5years old)

3 days/week                $2012.00/year

4 days/week                $2490.00/year

5 days/week                $2874.00/year


Morning Enrichment and Afternoon Adventures

1 day/week                 $85.00/month

2 days/week                $162.00/month

3 days/week                $186.00/month

4 days/week                $211.00/month

5 days/week                $235.00/month

  • Tuition assistance is available for all K-8 families. Please contact us for an application.
  • Payments can be paid annually, semiannually, or monthly through FACTS.
  • Monthly payments must go through the FACTS payment center at the link below https://online.factsmgt.com/signin.aspx.